The name of the game is "PLACEMENTS". You have to get placements in order for you to gain recognition and get publishers attention. People ask me all the time how did we land placements and get so many publishing deals. Here is a big secret for you all: {MUSIC LIBRARY & Licensing Firms} Do a google search on film and tv music libraries or music libraries and many resources will come up for you. I would also recommend you try and find new music boutique companies. They are very receptive to new talent such as yourself. ****Just remember*** Be very professional when dealing with these people. Music Supervisors do not like unprofessional and low quality material. Study the art of mixing and mastering your beats and songs. Always be patient and well mannered. Have a positive attitude and you will have great results. ”
Your Art can make you Big Money! 
(Click the image above to find out more)

Your Art can make you Big Money! (Click the image above to find out more)

What the heck is SEO?? 

For all of you who are just starting out and wondering what in the world is SEO. It means Search Engine Optimization. What that means basically is just go to google and search something. That is the number one search engine in the world now and growing rapidly. In order for you to sell more product or gain more traffic you need to have your website or e commerce store show up in search engines. It can get expensive to rank so I recommend you find good qualified people on fiverr or ebay to do a job for you. What they will do is use backlinks and tier structures to lead potential customers and clients to your website. 

This is not the only way but one way for you to gain some momentum and see potential sales. 

(Stay tuned more on the way...)


How do you spend your money? What is important to you? 

If you are reading our business tips then that means you must be interested in learning how to become an entrepreneur. Am I right? Here are some resourceful thoughts you can ponder on while putting together your business plan. 

1. Look at yourself as a "Beneficial Bill". Every month bills come along and you pay them. Why not pay yourself first? Your company is the biggest asset for future revenue. Not a 9-5, not a part time gig, YOU! Take time each month to see were your money is going and how much of it is being used to promote and market your gift.

2. How much time do you spend on your business? Remember time is an investment as much as money is. If you are not setting goals and objectives down for your business how can it grow? Remember that old saying "time is money". It's not a cliche, if you spend quality time learning and practicing good habits your business will grow bigger than you could ever imagine. 

3. Bad Investments. Negative people are bad investments! Do not entertain people who say you cannot, you should not, that will never happen. These are dead end roads. Or what we like to call "HATERS". Surround yourself with like minded people and never down play others. Lift your colleagues up and more opportunities will come to you. 

(Stay tuned for more)....

What are you good at? 

Have you ever thought that something is terribly wrong with the work system? It's just totally upside down. The rich get richer and the bottom feeders feed their riches. It is always more crowded at the bottom and a big reason for this is our lack of resources and information. This is for Everybody who wants to know how to start their own business. Firstly, what is your vision? What do you want out of life? Do you want to be rich? Do you want to travel the world? Or are you a creative and want to express to the world your talents and gifts?

If you are like me then you want to express to the world your talents and gifts while making a living at it This is were the Post title comes to play. What are you good at? Are you an artist? Are you a muscician? Are you good with people? Whatever it is you thrive in you need to understand the world REVOLVES around business. Business in simple terms is trade. You give me something I give you something. In most cases, your talent is called "value" and you trade that for money or something of equal worth. 

Your talent is your corporation. (Remember that)

Whatever it is that you are gifted at doing you need to utilize that and turn it into a profitable stream of income. (More to come stay tuned...)

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